Hello, We are Northern Innovation Lab

We are a consultancy and support system for both ICT and Social focused entrepreneurs and SGBs who aspire to create great companies leveraging the unique opportunities in Africa.

Our Mission

We are nurturing a generation of business owners, business leaders and busness builders. we invite you to join us and grow with us.


Northern Innovation Lab has the vision of addressing the following SDGs in our ecosystem:

We seek to achieve this through the increase in the number of independent individuals who have skills and capacities to earn their living and cater for their families.
We seek to achieve this by providing individuals with quality technological, technical and vocational education through innovative learning methods.
We seek to achieve this by guiding and enabling individuals to become more employable and build start-ups/businesses that contribute to the growth of the economy.
We seek to proliferate innovation, industrial and infrastructural development among members of our growing community
We support and advocate for practices and initiatives that champion sustainable development of our community and city.


National Web Development Training

National Web Development Training

Google suit training

Our Community


By becoming a NIL community member, you will first and foremost become part of our community. We take this seriously and so should you! We recognise that the driving force of a space like ours is in the community and in collaboration, not in a single individual or company. So we are looking for community members who want to collaborate with others, who want to teach and to learn, who want to challenge and be challenged.


Since 2018, NIL has supported the growth of a community passionate about the role of technology in transforming Ghana. We have seen from experience that there are lots of people and organizations interested in the application of technology to solve local problems and our goal is to continue to unearth such Start-ups and Small Growing Businesses to support them to develop their ideas/products.

Community and Human Resources

We are building an eclectic community of developers, innovators, and business people and supporting them with our network of mentors, investors and business coaches

SGBs and Entrepreneurship

We have proven success in consulting with founders and nurturing their growth. We are continuing this work through innovative solutions, technological skill development and business development training.

Technology and Research

We constantly discover new uses and approaches to technology in Africa, we are experimenting for knowledge creation and sharing our insights

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

We provide contemporary and top-notch business consultancy services spanning from business design, business strategy and business development. NIL offers premium business consultancy solutions for startups and corporates. Our formula is simple: Make businesses sustainable. Finding tailored business support can be hard, we make it easy.

Technology & Innovation Consulting

We support individuals and organisations to smartly apply innovation and technology to solve commercial and social problems. We facilitate creative thinking and collaborative problem solving using the smart application of technology. Our knowledge of delivering innovation through a human-centred design approach combined with our expertise in turning ideas into products, and then sustainable organizations is at the core of our engagements.

Hours of Operation

Mondays to Fridays: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturdays and Sundays: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Our Location

We serve the Northern Ecosystem of Ghana, primarily operating in Tamale, Nalerigu, Walewale and Damongo

Get in touch

Phone: +233(0) 557339770

Phone: +233 (0) 249359749

Email: info@northernilab.com

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